fics that aren’t blatantly bad, just good enough that you get hooked with the plot before you hit all the “no no no they wouldn’t have said that no absolutely not, not that way, not in that tone; why is he doing that; I don’t understand how you could interpret that character this way whether they’re secondary or not; in what universe is that a believable course of action; what is proper dialogue punctuation” like the equivalent of fanfiction speedbumps

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single and ready 2 flamingle


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Avengers Magazine Shoot (manip)

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have you ever watched an episode of something that was so horrible you just sat there afterward like did a group of people really read this script and say ‘wow great idea’

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Lydia would never run and hide.

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do you ever finish reading a fanfic and are like ‘i want to read a fanfic of that fanfic’

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One Direction - Steal My Girl (4 days to go)

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